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Do I need to keep my app on all the time?

Yes,  even when you are not working.  This will allow us to send you pre booked reservations.

Does the app use my data while I am not using it?

No, the app uses less than 300 MB in a month.

Can I get a request while I am offline?

No, that’s impossible

Will it be a problem if I don't accept trips?

No, you can work as much or as little as you would like.  We prefer you to work often, this way you are able to make $$.

How and when do I get paid for my trip(s)

Every Friday’s via ( direct deposit ) First direct deposit might take few more days.

How do I know the payout rates?

Download anywhereride rider app, enter pickup location, chose the type of service, then enter the drop off location,  click on the $ amount on the bottom to see the pricing break down.

What is anywhereride's commission on economy trips?

Usually for economy the commission is $1 plus transaction fee( 20%) and one time direct deposit fee of ($2) if there is any.

Is there a tip option on the app?

Yes there is!  Another great feature from us that many of our competitors do not offer.  Riders can enter a dollar amount from their app.   Also, a driver can add it from their end BUT riders must sign it.

Does anywhereride offer insurance?

No, Drivers must have their own commercial insurance.  This may change in the near future but as of now we do not offer insurance.

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