Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy

For Ride Now reservations, you can cancel at any time; however, you may incur a $5 cancellation fee. This is necessary because booking a Ride Now immediately dispatches a vehicle to your pickup location. This fee is a concession to our operators for their time and fuel expense. To cancel a Ride now reservation, you must select the Cancel button inside the app.

If for any reason the operator cannot find you at the designated pick-up location and cannot reach you for further instruction, your ride is treated as a cancellation, and you will incur the $5 cancellation fee.

If for any reason the operator cancels a ride or does not show up within the expected pick-up time, the customer may cancel the ride without incurring the $5 cancellation fee. If you mistakenly incur a $5 cancellation fee in a case such as this, please contact Customer Care via email at or via phone at (866)-592-7433 for a refund.

For Ride later reservations, you can cancel up to 8 hours before the scheduled pickup time and NOT incur a cancellation fee. If you cancel such a reservation less than 8 hours before pickup, you will incur a cancellation fee totaling the full amount of the ride.

Note: Dispatch will occasionally accommodate changes to this policy.