Reservations scheduled before 7am or after 10pm are subject to $19 surcharge.

Point-to-point service is limited and subject to availability.

All quote requests & reservations are subject to availability; travel time may apply in some cases ( Garage to Garage ) as well as minimum hours.

We may have minimum number of hours required during high demand seasons such as Rodeo, Prom, Homecoming, Christmas Holidays, and New Year’s Eve for some vehicle types. USUALLY 6 hours min. 

Our company don’t charge for gratuity as we believe in gratuity is earned not given.

Cancelation Policies

Cancelation can be made only Over the phone and 24 hours prior ahead of time; cancelations with 24 hours and more are NOT 100% refundable there is a 20% fee if reservation is canceled. If cancelation was made less than 24 hours prior to the date and time of pickup there is NO refund at all.

20% Deposit required for all reservations.  All deposits are NON refundable.

Weddings starts at $200 one way

Also available by hour ( minimum of 3 hours )  $120 per hour, All inclusive. More info

3 hours minimum in regular days in small vehicles such as Sedan and SUV

4 to 6 hours on weekend and special prime time and holidays

No pickup and drop off from and to NRG stadium and Toyota ( only as directed ) Drop off early required 2 hours min and pickup required 3 hours min.

International arrivals are subject to additional fees ( $20 ) additional meet and greet.